Chiropractic Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

Starting 2016!

The New Year is here and you’re ready to get fit! Along with millions of others, you may have made a resolution to get more exercise and eat healthier this year. Unfortunately, many people have their fitness resolutions waylaid by a sports injury not long after they begin their new exercise regimen. Anyone can suffer a sports injury, but people who’ve been inactive for a long time and then try to do too much are even more vulnerable. At Pro-Active Health Chiropractic, we want everyone to start the New Year right. Here are a few tips from Dr. Cal to help you stay on track—and pain free—while you work out.

Get a chiropractic checkup.

You may feel healthy enough for regular exercise, but getting a checkup from your chiropractic doctor before starting a new fitness routine may help you avoid serious injury. A new physical activity could aggravate an un-diagnosed condition or untreated back problem, leading to pain or serious illness/injury. Your medical professionals can advise you on the types and amounts of exercise that are appropriate for you.

Make an appointment with a personal trainer.

Whatever your current fitness level is, a trainer can help you develop an exercise program that’s challenging without putting you in danger of injury. You don’t have to commit to a long-term contract; just a few sessions can help you get going at a safe, and effective, speed.

Mix it up.

Yes, it is boring to run around the same track every day. But boredom isn’t the only reason to try a variety of activities. Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are caused by the overuse of a specific set of muscles. For example, tendinitis of the forearm, also known as “tennis elbow,” can be caused by swinging a racket over and over. Participating in a variety of activities allows muscle groups to rest without the need to skip exercise all together. At ProActive Health Chiropractic we can treat RSI through massage therapy, cold laser therapy and spinal adjustments.

Get proper nutrition.

An engine needs fuel to run, and your body needs food and water to exercise safely. While you should avoid filling up right before a workout, exercising on empty leaves you more vulnerable to muscle fatigue, dehydration and injury.

Warm it up and cool it down.

It only takes a few minutes at the beginning and end of your workout to significantly decrease the chances of injury and post-workout muscle soreness. Walk in place or jog slowly to engage and increase the blood flow to all the major muscle groups before you begin intense exercise. At the end of your work out, some basic stretches will help muscles recover more quickly.

See your chiropractor.

A properly aligned spine improves your balance and stability—two important keys to avoiding injury during exercise. Regular chiropractic care will help keep your spine healthy as you work to make the rest of your body that way. [ CLICK HERE ] to schedule an appointment.

Think Well!